Original Car Parts in Estonia
Your trusted supplier of original car parts at the best price.
Remosad is a leading wholesaler providing a comprehensive range of authentic spare parts for various car brands, catering to customers both locally and globally.
From inventory management to customer support, our mission is to deliver reputable, reliable, and impeccable service. Our team comprises experienced professionals whose expertise allows us to offer trustworthy and high-quality services.
  • Who We Are:
    Remosad - a dynamic team dedicated to excellence, driving innovation and delivering results in the car part industry.
  • Our Mission:
    Empower our clients by providing exceptional services and building lasting relationships.
  • Our Commitment:
    Quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement as we strive to be leaders in our field.
Our Approach
Specialized in Car Parts
We are dedicated to offering original car parts that keep your vehicle performing at its peak. Our commitment to quality means you can trust that every part we provide will help ensure the reliability and longevity of your car.
Dynamic Pricing
We continually adjust our prices to stay competitive, ensuring they beat current market rates. This daily attention to pricing allows us to provide you with the best possible deals without compromising on quality.
Strong Supplier Relations
We believe in fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our suppliers. By working closely with them, we are able to negotiate the best possible terms, which in turn ensures that we can provide a consistent and reliable supply of parts to our customers. This approach not only helps us secure high-quality components but also allows us to offer competitive prices and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our clients.
Our Value Proposition
Competitive Pricing:
Through the comprehensive market analysis, we adjust our prices daily to ensure you receive the best deals.
Exceptional Supplier Relationships:
Our strong partnerships allow us to secure favorable terms, enhancing our product offerings and availability.
Commitment to Quality:
We guarantee high-quality parts that meet industry standards.
In our business, customer service is always our top priority. We provide worldwide delivery of original spare parts to ensure your needs are met, no matter where you are.
Future Directions
  • Expanding Product Lines:
    We plan to expand our range of parts to include newer models and brands, catering to a wider audience.
  • Enhanced Delivery Solutions:
    Improving delivery times and logistics to ensure faster and more reliable service.
  • Technology Integration
    Investing in technology to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions.
Contacts and Location
Feel free to write or call us. We truly enjoy connecting with our clients and are always here to help.

+372 53 315 573



Suurvälja tee 5, Vaela, Harjumaa

Eesti, 75413

RentRem24 OÜ

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VAT: EE102550393

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